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The Four Seasons of Disney (insp.)

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Natasha smiled and held close to him, sighing happily. Her life had been so erratic, so dismal until she’d met Dean. Why she had Clint before, he was just her partner. Dean was someone she loved, someone she wanted to make sure had everything they needed. As he rubbed her back, she closed her eyes and smiled. “And I’m always with you too, babe,” She replied.”Promise.”

Dean blinked at her words and then smiled slowly, pressing a loving kiss to her cheek before letting go of her, taking her hand in his and squeezing. “Now, show me somethin’ else. I don’t wanna be on display for all these people.” He chuckled, giving Natasha a grin. He didn’t much care for being the center of attention, years of trying to avoid that made it hard for him to want any of it.

Natasha smiled and closed her eyes as she let him hold her. Her hand felt so small in his and she didn’t know why she liked that feeling, but she did. “Alright. Let’s go back to see something else,” She said, walking with him back to the canal. “And we’re not on display. Not really…”

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"Honestly… I just want to make dinner here," She replied. "I don’t want to go anywhere right now. Not when I have company. I’ve been without it for so long really. And it’s nice to have it like this."

"I like that idea very much," Loki replied with a soft smile. "So what will you be cooking or shall it be a surprise?"

"What would you like me to cook?" She asked, tilting her head slightly. "I can make a lot of things. Anything that is your favorite?"



"Well…" She started before frowning. "I have nothing to say to that. The only thing I can say is that I’m glad your father agreed to my father’s terms and let us meet each other every summer we could make. It’s nice getting to know you."

"He had little choice in the matter," Loki divulged as he pursed his lips in thought. "Your father was quite insistent on it. There would have been no arrangement at all if he hadn’t conceded. But I am glad, too. I’ve enjoyed our summers."

Natasha nodded, having figured that part out. “That’s true. Papa wanted to have some say in it because he wanted the best for me,” She said softly. “I like being able to talk with you. You’re a very good friend to me. And I’m not sure of how things would have been if we weren’t friends before we… well…” She blushed at the thought of being married and looked down at her lap.

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Natasha blinked and looked at him, snatching the picture back. “Snooping around were you?” She asked, narrowing her eyes. “I don’t like that… But… yes.” She sighed and handed it back. “The ballerina in the center is me. Yes. I can do that still.”

"You bewitched me, my little spider," Loki grinned as he glided the silky fabric from her body. "I couldn’t wait to return here just to see you." He captured a rosy tip between his lips, caressing the aching peak with his mouth. "The more I knew of you, the harder I fell for you."

Natasha’s jaw went slack at the feeling of his lips on her skin. Her eyes fell closed and she moved up to him before putting a hand to the back of his head to hold him to her. “And you knew more about me through questioning the one person who knew me best,” She breathed. “Loki…”




"Yes… Nervous," She replied, leaning down and running her hands down his arms. Her hips moved slowly against his and she smirked. "Your eyes shift, showing me you’re nervous. Though you shouldn’t be. Come now…" She shifted and maneuvered herself to get rid of the last scrap of fabric she had on her. 

Loki gaze up at her as she rid herself of the last piece of fabric that she wore. “Maybe I am…a little bit,” he admitted as he drank in the sight of her. She was so beautiful like a fantasy come to life. Without another word he pulled her body back down to his for a ravenous kiss. 

Natasha blinked and looked at him. “What do you need to be nervous about?” She asked, tilting her head. “You don’t need to be.” She leaned down as he pulled her and sealed her lips to his, pressing her body close to his. She wanted him and rolled her hips to his. “You’re over dressed,” She growled against his mouth.

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The video is even better:  http://www.vulture.com/2014/07/this-woman-killed-it-on-american-ninja-warrior.html

The male competitors are in awe the whole time, and even the commentators learned to stop saying, “I don’t think she can do this.”

She’s amazing.


This video made me cry

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Strawberry - I’m in love with you.

Cherry - I love you.

Watermelon - I think you’re cute.

Blueberry - You’re amazing.

Kiwi- You’re pretty

Rasberry - You’re hot.

Paopu Fruit - I would date you.

Grapes - I could stay on your blog for hours.

Lemon - You are my tumblr crush.

Orange - I want to get to know you.

Tangerine - We have a lot in common.

Lemon - I wish you would notice me.

Lime - I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.





Satisfying things

being a human is so weird

I audibly sighed in contentment.


just another really long ‘au’s i really want’ post


  • you’re the drummer for my brothers band and i find you really hot AU
  • lost in a random small town and you show me around AU
  • accidentally broke into your apartment because i was drunk AU
  • i found your dog wondering the streets so i decided to come and return him AU
  • i audition to model in your music video and we end up hitting it off AU
  • we get seated next to each other on a delayed flight AU
  • co-stars whose characters date each other on the show AU
  • pretending to date bc reasons AU
  • you’re a hot surfer and i’m an awkward person
  • working at an ice cream stand on the beach AU
  • accidentally found and read your diary AU
  • i didn’t know you were my teacher AU
  • woke up with amnesia AU
  • you’re a devil and i’m an angel AU
  • you’re a jock and i’m into theater AU
  • secretly have to date so our parents don’t find out AU
  • fame has gotten to your head so you were sent off to live with country relatives AU
  • pretending to date you because someone was obnoxiously hitting on you AU
  • i’m in a lame band and you’re the towns bad boy/girl AU
  • modern day romeo and juliet AU
  • we actually can’t stand each other but for some reason we talk everyday AU
  • ended up meeting in prison and now we’re in love AU
  • cross-country road trip gone wrong AU
  • stuck in a horrible zombie apocalypse AU
  • we fucked once and somehow keep bumping into each other AU
  • has to share a cab because there’s a thunderstorm ahead (and then gets stuck in ridiculous NY/LA traffic) AU
  • you’re a ghost and i’m a human and somehow we fall in love with each other AU
  • met on a cruise ship AU
  • get’s lost on an island together AU
  • we went on a long road trip and got into a car crash and we’re the only two who survived AU
  • gang member AU
  • i’m pregnant but it’s not yours AU
  • we go to the same coffee shop every evening to do homework but we never speak to each other until today AU
  • end up getting married in vegas although we’re total strangers AU
  • you apply to be my roommate AU
  • greasers / socs AU
  • we met in the summer and now i go to your school but you act like a typical jerk AU
  • it’s the 50’s / 60’s and we’re in love but our love is forbidden because of law AU
  • it’s the 50’s / 60’s and our love is so sweet it causes toothaches AU
  • we work at the same 50’s diner AU
  • i’m visiting your country for vacation and you show me around AU
  • modern day beauty & the beast AU
  • rich / poor AU
  • zombie falls in love with a human AU
  • hunger games AU
  • we runaway together and now we’re hiding from our parents and the police with no food, money, or clothes AU
  • alice in wonderland AU
  • detention on a saturday afternoon AU
  • nothing but a fragment of ones imagination AU (as in a coma & they imagine each other being real)
  • we rob places together as a couple and get away with it AU
  • all boys boarding school AU
  • best friends when we were young and then you moved and now we meet again at college AU
  • ouran host club AU
  • arranged marriage AU
  • we met at a really strict summer camp and ended up breaking all the rules together one by one AU
  • asylum AU
  • war AU
  • we both have cancer and go to the same support group AU
  • we decide to play a game of chicken together which leads to one thing or another AU
  • we’re both in conservative relationships so we decide to sneak off and be each others friends with benefits AU
  • we’re best friends and we take each others virginity’s AU
  • we dated when we were younger and now we’re step siblings AU
  • finds a death note and uses it to their advantage AU (based off of the anime)
  • our friends put us on a blind date AU
  • i’m only your friend because we smoke weed and get high together AU
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