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be still my heart!!!!! A silk waistcoat !!!! FUCKKKKKKKK! !!!!!!!

My thoughts exactly. AHHHHHH


Time Away || alreadyxperfect



Pepper enjoyed the sound of that, very much so, the strawberry blonde smirking widely. “Good. I hear enough of that on a daily basis.” With a sigh she listened on and let the words fill her. “I haven’t been shopping for myself in a long time, let alone with another woman, so yes. Relaxation and fun.” It came all too quick to her when they finally arrived at the airport. Pepper quickly and easily climbed out after the redhead, that smile still on her face as their bags were grabbed for them and put on a cart; this would definitely be an adventure.

Natasha grinned and looked at the airport, thinking over what the strawberry blonde had said. Paying the cab driver and the attendant who put their bags away and sent them off, she headed into the building. She was excited to take the woman out shopping. She went every time she needed a new wardrobe for a mission, usually because her clothes ended up damaged somehow or another. Heading towards their gate, she went through the security check, showing TSA her permit to carry a concealed weapon and the fact that she was a government agent. They couldn’t take it from her when she did that. Not with her status and the agency she worked with. Waiting for Pepper to meet up with her, she smiled a bit and sighed happily. Time away with the best friend she always wanted. It was nice.

Stana Katic gif hunt


I decided to make this because I’m using Stana as a FC in the roleplay I’m in, and she is seriously lacking in the gif hunt department. I may add more to this one later. I don’t own any of these. Leave a like if you use this. :)

Updated! I’m trying to add more gifs with every new episode of Castle, because that community is amazing at giffing for every episode.

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constant anxiety

Jealousy Starter Sentences
  • "______ loves you, I wouldn't worry."
  • "Are you jealous?"
  • "He/She needs to back off of you."
  • "I am not jealous."
  • "I think I'll just leave you two to yourselves."
  • "I'm going to meet _______ for lunch, then we'll spend time together."
  • "I'm jealous."
  • "If I were you, I'd be jealous."
  • "Shhh, I only have eyes for you."
  • "Somebody's jealous."
  • "This is your ex, of course I'm sort of jealous."
  • "We haven't spent that much time together."
  • "You have no reason to be jealous."
  • "You two have been spending a lot of time together."
  • "You're cute when you're jealous."
  • "You're mine."
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Time Away || alreadyxperfect





It was almost nice to hear Natasha scold her like this in that best friend way she always did, Pepper unable to keep herself from smiling as the redhead urged her towards the exit of the building still and then to the car. “I don’t work on the weekends and I spend all of that time with Tony and Ben. I’m fine.” It was sometimes fun to put up a little fight with Natasha, though Pepper made sure not to do it too much; it was just nice to be around the other woman.

Once in the car, she smiled at Natasha’s words but quickly shook her head. “No, I’m not going anywhere and especially not out of the country without you with me. So don’t even think about offering to stay behind or anything that involves you being somewhere else.” It wasn’t like they spent a lot of time together either, anyways; and wasn’t that what best friends were supposed to do? “Exactly. Nothing will stop us. This’ll be interesting and fun.” She shifted her legs, crossing one over the other as she turned her head to look over at the other woman, nudging her shoulder with her own.

Natasha smirked and looked at the other redhead. “Will you just take this vacation and enjoy it?” she asked, looking over at her. “Honestly Pepper just take the vacation and calm down.” She nudged the other woman lightly and chuckled a bit.

"You like having me around. You feel safe with me. That’s a good thing to know," She admitted with a nod, smiling a bit. The ride was pleasant and she was enjoying spending some girl time with her best friend .They both needed it after things. "Nothing’s going to keep us from being together and enjoying our vacation. We’ll have the time of our lives and it will be memorable."

"Fine. I will." Pepper feigned irritation at the redhead’s words but she made it obvious that that was all it was; mock irritation. Hands folded in her lap neatly and legs still crossed, her head turned to look out one of the windows, turning back to her best friend at the sound of her voice.

The smile on Natasha’s face brought another one to her own, the strawberry blonde nudging her one more time before letting a comfortable silence fill the vehicle, both women focused on their own thoughts and ideas for the trip already; until Natasha spoke again, at least. “I know it will be. And it’ll be relaxing, too. No one to tell us what we have to do or anything.” She had enough of that at work, what with deadlines and such.

The redhead smiled and relaxed, enjoying that the two didn’t need to talk the entire time they were together. It was somethign she really liked abotu the strawberry blonde. She didn’t like talking a whole bunch when it wasn’t necessary. That’s probably why she got along so well with her. And it was nice to have at least one female friend to count on.

"No one will be there to say ‘This needs to be done before Friday’, ‘I need you to leave the country now to be in Dubai’, or anything of the sort. But I we’ll be at the airport soon enough. We’ll get on board, first class, and then at our stop off we’ll go shopping for a new wardrobe and we’ll have a nice time there for a bit, then we’ll head over to our destination and relaxation." She smirked and when the cab stopped at the airport, she got out, grabbed their bags and smirked at the CEO. "Come on Pepper, Let’s start our adventure."

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I made something special for Loki so I had to make one for Tom too!

I made something special for Loki so I had to make one for Tom too!

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